the bigman.

2 Big Singles in a MM Cover

This BigMan pickup is the result of a questionable hair brained idea.  Named after the fellow that had said hair brained idea (and the very imposing nature it possesses) the BigMan pickup is not a subtle animal in the least. Take a Music Man style cover and jam 2 Big Single pickups into that cover.  Don’t bother using shorter magnets or less wire – just go for it!  The result is a pickup that is fantastically muscular and unrelentingly powerful. Not for the faint of heart.

*BigMan now available with Alnico III (A3) Magnets

Alnico III magnets differ from Alnico V in that they are warmer with a softer character. Think of them like a 60’s J style sound taken even further down the warm and fat path. Alnico V by contrast is brighter, cleaner and punchier, and will have a more wiry, stringy character. As another example, we’d recommend A3 for fretless or a fat 60’s Jaco type thing and A5 is great for a modern slap type thing or an R and B sound.
*This pickup extends 1/4″ deeper into the body than a standard MM pickup

4 String – $173.00 – purchase now

5 String model of The BigMan is available in 3 different versions

  1. Soap-bar shape with no ears and narrow spacing. These have a rectangular cover and narrow spacing that will work on original MusicMan® five string basses. $216.00 – purchase now
  2. Larger shape with ears and wide spacing. These will fit Lakland® and other basses with wider spacing. $216.00 – purchase now
  3. Larger shape with ears and narrow spacing. These will fit OLP® and other basses with narrow spacing. $216.00 – purchase now


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