split coil 4 string precision-type bass pickups

The NP4A is a unique P style pickup by any measure. It takes the angled pole piece arrangement that Nordstrand is so well known for and applies it to one of the most traditional pickup.  The result is familiar yet (somehow) unique. This pickup has a broad, throaty, and aggressive character highlighted by a nice rich and focused midrange.  The NP4A hits hard and a note holds its integrity for a farther throw from the speaker than a traditional P. While it will fill the P role very well, it offers so much more in terms of versatility. A simple passive tone knob used in conjunction with this pickup will reveal a wide range of very usable sounds with several sweet spots that are nothing short of inspiring. Get one today!

$123.00 – purchase now

  • Drop-in replacement
  • classic, with edge!
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