humbucking (dual coil) 5 string Music Man®-type bass pickups

A 5 string version of the otherwise identical MM4.2, itself an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® pickup. It features Alnico V magnets and heavy Formvar wire for an authentic punchy, growly, and inherently fat tone. The MM5.2 is a dual coil pickup that can be wired series, parallel, or single coil (split-able). Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces).

The industry never really adapted a standard for this style of pickup, and as a result we have at least 3 different spacing and cover combinations:

  1. Soap-bar shape with no ears and narrow spacing. These have a rectangular cover and narrow spacing that will work on original MusicMan® five string basses.$121.00 – purchase now
  2. Larger shape with ears and wide spacing. These will fit Lakland® and other basses with wider spacing. $121.00 – purchase now
  3. Larger shape with ears and narrow spacing. These will fit OLP® and other basses with narrow spacing. $121.00 – purchase now

– click here to view wiring diagram

Artists using this pickup:

  Bruce Stone (Keiko Matsui, Brian Setzer, Brian Bromberg)
  Owen Biddle (John Legend, The Roots, Al Greene, Baba Maal, Mister Barrington)
  Stew McKinsey

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