signature humbucking guitar pickups

Walking the razors edge between completely out of control and barely restrained, the BoneCrushers are born to pillage and plunder.  

Fearlessly marauding and laying waste through an idyllic soundscape these pickups will unleash your inner Viking spirit with their unapologetically brawny and sneeringly edgy snarl.

These are dual hex screw pickups with a massive alnico V magnet buried beneath the coils and a wind optimized for output and brutally focused power.  

When the horde of signal unleashed from your pick rampages out of your guitar and down your cable your pedals and amp will shriek and howl with submission, unleashing a sonic fury not heard on this planet since the Age of the Vikings.

These all new pickups feature:

• An oversized Alnico 5 magnet

• 12, slug-sized,  Adjustable Steel Poles

• A more aggressive mid response thana traditional PAF

50mm and 53mm string spacing

• High output to drive the front end of the amp

• 4 plus conductor wire for coil splitting options

• Available in black, white and zebra

Gibson Sizing
Narrow Set (50mm – for Gibson style guitars) – $275.00 – purchase now

Narrow Bridge Single Pickup – $138.00 – purchase now

Single neck pickup – $138.00 – purchase now

Fender Sizing
Narrow neck/wide bridge set (50mm/53mm – for Fender style guitars) – $275.00 – purchase now

Wide Bridge Single Pickup – $138.00 – purchase now

Single neck pickup – $138.00 – purchase now

– Click here to view wiring diagram

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