big splits.

split coil 4/5/6 string bass pickups

These are a split coil version of the Big Single. They are very close to the Big Single tonally with a full rich pallette.  They use the same magnet layout as the Big Single, and the resultantly big coil is about as much single coil pickup that can be packaged in a soap-bar cover. This is the ultimate pickup for the Jazz Bass®-on-steroids tone purist! These pickups will fit as replacements for Bartolini™ P2 (5 string) and BC (4 string) pickups. Dimensions are 4.25″ by 1.25″ and 3.95″ by 1.25″ respectively. Standard spacing is 19mm ctc at the bridge.

4 String Set – $216.00 – purchase now
4 String Bridge or Neck Single Pickup $109.00 – purchase now

5 String Set – $260.00 – purchase now
5 String Bridge or Neck Single Pickup $131.00 – purchase now

6 String Set – $312.00 – purchase now
6 String Bridge or Neck Single Pickup $156.00 – purchase now

Available Sizes:

4 String:
Bartolini® BC (3.99″ x 1.27)
EMG35® (1.51″ x 3.52″)
EMG40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)

5 String:
Bartolini® P2 (4.27″ x 1.27″)
EMG40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)
EMG45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

6 String:
Bartolini® P4 (4.675″ x 1.27″)
EMG45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

Artists using this pickup:

  Andy Cichon (Billy Joel, Shania Twain)
  Darrell Freeman
  Dean Bernardini (Chevelle)
  Derrick Hodge
  Koko Powell
  Mick Donner (Players School of Music)
  Owen Biddle (John Legend, The Roots, Al Greene, Baba Maal, Mister Barrington)
  Paolo Costa
  Rafe Bradford
  Stew McKinsey
  T.J. Armstrong (Johnny Hiland)
  Vernon Porter (Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Dave Mason)

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