Bass Pickups: Preamp.

  • 2b+ Preamps

    The new 2 band boost only preamp offers flexibility, practical simplicity, and amazing tone shaping potential.  Offering more boost than our standard 2 band preamp the 2B+…

  • 2b-mm preamp

    2 band music man style preamp

    This is our reproduction of the original 2-band Music Man® preamp, the Nordstrand 2B-MM. Featuring the same interactive bass and treble controls as the…

  • 2b preamp

    2 band preamp

    2b preamp specs:

    • Overall gain is 0 to 15db by a trim pot on the circuit board.
    • Bass +/- 12db @ 50Hz
    • Treble +/- 12db @4khz
    • Switchable…
  • 3b preamp

    3 band preamp

    The following represent our current versions of our preamps.  If you are looking for different options, please contact the shop. Special requests are welcome.

    3 band bass preamp with 3…