Calvin Turner – Marc Broussard, Raphael Saadiq

     // Calvin uses a Nordy vJ4 bass with NJ4SV pickups and our 2 band preamp. He also has NJ4SV’s in his 69 Jazz bass, and a PJset in his Nordy vJ5.

Chris Tarry – Juno award winning jazz artist based in NY

     // Chris has a Nordy vJ4 with NJ4 single coils in it and an NP4 in his old P bass.

Merlyn Kelly – Plays with Willie Nelson and Misty & the Sneaker Junkies

     // Merlyn has an NP4 in his P bass.

Rufus Philpot – LA area plays with Virgil Donati and Planet X

     // Rufus uses our Big Single pickups and preamps in his Ibanez basses.

Mark Egan – the Pat Metheny Group, Sting, Arcadia, Roger Daltry and Joan Osborne; performed with the Gil Evans Orchestra, Marianne Faithful, David Sanborn, John McGlaughlin and Sophie B. Hawkins

     // Mark uses Sadowsky Spec NPJ5s pickups in his Sadowsky bass.

Mike Kroeger – Nickelback

     // Mike uses Sadowsky Spec NPJ5s pickups in his Sadowsky bass.

Michael Rhodes – Nashville Session Ace

     // Michael uses a Sadowsky Spec NP4 pickup in his Sadowsky bass.

Chazz Frichtell – Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, America, Chaka Khan, Gregory Hines, Sheena Easton, Marilyn McCoo, John Tesh and Chuck Mangione

     // Chazz uses NJ4 pickups in his Sadowsky bass.

Darryl Anders – Tower of Power, Zigaboo Modeliste

     // Darryl uses NJ5s pickups in his Lull basses.

Juraj Griglak – European session and touring artist

     // Juraj uses NJ4 pickups in his Sadowsky bass.

Walter Jones – Aretha Franklin

Igor Saavedra – Latin American session artist with David Garfield, Bob Sheppard, Fareed Haque, and Walfredo Reyes Jr.

     // Igor uses our Dual Coils and MM pickups in his Prat Basses.

Hershel Yatovitz – Chris Isaak

Courtlan Clement – Marc Boussard, Nashville area session artist

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