Nordstrand Video Archive.

Over the past several years we’ve put together dozens of bass demo videos documenting the latest happenings at the shop, demos of pickups and instruments, videos about building guitars and basses, discussions and jamming with some of our favorite players and videos about the creative process as a whole.

There’s a lot to dig through, but we’ve now listed them all in one place in order of their creation – (newest ones are at the top). Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

big blade pickup in a MTD Saratoga – 1-19-16

A quick pre-NAMM 2016 demo of our new Big Blade pickups installed in a MTD Saratoga Bass.

big blade preview – final revision – 1-14-16

A run-through of many of the tones possible with our brand new Nordstrand Big Blades Pickups!

big blades sneak peek – 11-5-15

Carey shows off the brand new big blades.

DL vM5 tracking bass for a Moba Jones tune – 8-2815

This a video of Carey playing a tune that he and his song writing/music partner (aka Moba Jones) are working on. (This tune is in a rough mix state.)

Carey is using a Nordy DL vM5 (Dan Lutz Signature) bass. The pickups are a BigMan and a NP5 – both located right up on each other in their “proper” locations. For this particular track, Carey used the BigMan only in parallel mode with the controls all flat. Carey tracked directly into a UAD Apollo Quad using the Neve 1073 Unison plugin only. He added a dbx 160 plug for compression on the bass. (Carey comments that the mix had plenty of UAD plugs to make it sound the way he likes it!)

Carey Nordstrand and Dan Lutz show off the new DL VM5 (Dan Lutz Signature Bass) – 8-5-15

Dan is elated with the outcome of this new design and wanted to really show off the wide array of tones available from the bass. Carey Nordstrand captured the audio in his studio using a UAD Apollo straight into ProTools.

Both Dan and Carey were extremely stoked at the wide array of tones the new DL VM5 can cover.

Johnny Gomez checks out Nordstrand’s Bonecrusher Humbuckers Parts I & II – 7-31-15

Johnny Gomez stopped by and plugged in Carey’s Gibson SG equipped with Nordstrand’s Bonecrusher Humbuckers. Carey saw an opportunity and quickly filmed some of it with his iPhone.

DL vM5 Nordy Bass Tone Walkthrough – 7-14-15

Premiere bassist Dan Lutz gives a walkthrough of exactly what his new Nordstrand DL vM5 signature bass can do in terms of tone. The bass has a BigMan and a NP5 pickup, and between the two an entire world of killer tones are possible. This was recorded direct through a Noble tupe pre/di and Carey sweetened it up a little in Pro Tools with Neve 1073 channel and Ampex tape stereo bus plugins (UAD).

Carey Nordstrand interviews Maurilio “Mo” Mina – 7-13-15

“Mo” Mina plays a vital role in assembly, repair and building instruments at Nordstrand.

Nordy Australian Red Cedar vJ5 Classic

Carey demos a fun vJ5 Classic he recently put together. The bass has standard NJ5 pickups with Alnico 5’s.

Neck Tension Jig

Carey explains the custom neck tension jig he uses for building his custom Nordstrand instruments.

The Nordstrand Nordy NJ5 Flamed Redwood

A quick video presenting a brand new Nordy NJ5. This bass features a Flamed Redwood top, a Mahogany body core, a Wenge neck, an Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand Big Single pickups and a Nordstrand 3 band preamp.

It’s a gorgeous bass – if we do say so ourselves!

Dan Lutz vM5 Quick Tone Teaser Preview – 5-28-15

Before the DL vM5 was released, Carey and company couldn’t quite contain their excitement and released this teaser vid of Dan manhandling the vM5.

Nordstrand Nordy nj5 Bass – 5-11-15

A video update of a beautiful Nordy nj5 in the works. This particular bass features a flamed redwood top and back with a mahogany core, wenge/mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard.

Nordy Modern vJ5 – Big Singles Sound Demo – 5-4-15

Here’s a demo of a new Nordy vJ5 Modern loaded with Big Singles. The playing examples were all recorded direct to Pro Tools through a Universal Audio Apollo.

The Beginning of the Nordstrand Big Singles – 4-28-15

The story of how the Big Singles, Fat Stacks an Big Splits came to life.

Nordstrand nP5 Pickup Sound Demo – 4-28-15

A quick sound demo of a Nordstrand np5 pickup in a Nordy vP5 bass. This particular pickup has Alnico 3 magnets. The playing example was recorded directly into Pro Tools.

Carey Nordstrand Design (CND) Pickups in Ibanez SR Basses– 4-20-15

In this video Carey Nordstrand talks about the new Carey Nordstrand Design, (CND) Pickups that will now be standard equipment, OEM, on select Ibanez SR Series basses.

Demo of Nordy Modern vJ5 – 4-15-15

A quick demo of a Nordy vJ5 Modern bass. (The customer that ordered the bass went AWOL so we had it up for sale.)

Specs: vJ5 Modern 34.5″ scale, 10″-20″ fingerboard radius, Alder body with figured mapletop, maple neck, EI rosewood fingerboard, white binding, pearled blocks, NJ5 single coil pickups, Nordstrand 2B preamp. Controls are volume(pull passive), volume, tone, and treble on bass.

The bass was recorded through a Universal Audio Apollo using a Neve 1073 Unison preamp into ProTools 11. No further processing was done.

How to Analyze and Wire a Blend Pot Correctly – 4-13-15

In this short video Carey takes a look at blend pots and how to figure out the proper way to wire them. This can be confusing, but Carey does his best to make it clear and easy to understand.

Nordstrand NVH A3 Humbucker Demo – 4-7-15

We made a new version of our NVH Humbuckers last week and I’m so happy with them that we made a demo video today. Just a quick thing done direct into ProTools 11 through a UAD Apollo. The thing that makes these pickup special to me is the Alnico III magnets.

Nordstrand 12 String Cusom Bass Pickups – 4-7-15

This is a quick example of the custom pickup work Nordstrand Pickups is capable of producing. This Particular set was manufactured for Prat Basses.

Nordy vJ5 with NJ5 Pickups – 3-30-15

Demo of a killer Nordy vJ5 loaded with Nordy NJ5 70’s wound pickups.

Nordy vPJ5 Fretless Demo – 3-24-15

A quick little sonic demo of a custom vPJ5 we recently completed. This bass is passive with Big Split and NP5 pickups. Controls are volume, volume, and tone. The body is ash and the neck is one piece maple with white veneer lines. It weighs 7.73 pounds. Color is Fiesta Red with a matching headstock.

Nordy NP5 Pickup Demo – Also Nordy vP5 Bass – 1-12-15

Here’s a demo of the NP5 pickup in Carey’s personal vP5 bass.

Nordstrand Fat Stack 5 Pickup Demo – 11-25-14

Carey demonstrates the tonal versability available out of Nordstrand’s Fat Stack pickups.

Nordstrand vS Guitar and Shush Puppy Demo with Griff Hamlin – Parts I & II – 10-7-14

Griff Hamlin explores a Nordstrand Nordy vS guitar featuring Shush Puppy hum canceling strat style pickups.

Griff Hamlin Plays a Nordstrand vT Guitar Featuring the NVT A3 Pickups – 9-16-14

Griff Hamlin and Carey Nordstrand talk tone and guitars while Griff explores a Nordy vT guitar equipped with Nordstrand NVT A3 pickups.

SC5 Preamp Swap – 9-4-14

Carey demonstrates how to change out a preamp on a Nordy SC5

Nordy vM4 with BigMan Pickup – 8-26-14

A demonstration of the Nordy vM4 bass with a BigMan pickup. This bass has a 2 band preamp as well.

Griff Hamlin and Carey Nordstrand discuss the Human Experience of Sound, Music and Guitars – 7-15-14

Here’s a discussion that Steve Araujo ( captured the last time he was here at the Nordstrand Shop preparing to shoot some demo footage of Griff playing our vT and vS guitars. Griff and I got going on the topic of how musicians experience tone, instruments, and music. We explore the way we approach the process of playing and how our state of mind impacts the experience, for better or worse. Fortunately Steve turned the camera on and caught this great discussion!

About the Nordstrand Bass Preamp – 7-15-14

Carey discusses the Nordstrand 2 and 3 band preamps, how they are designed, and how they came to be what they are.

Making Bass Guitar Necks Parts I & II – 5-23-14

Carey gives a walk through of how he constructs bass guitar necks.

Carey Nordstrand talks Telecasters and Telecaster Pickups 5-8-14

Carey talks about his new Alnico III NVT pickup set and also reveals his guiding principle behind how he designs pickups.

Carey Talks About P Basses – 5-5-14

In this video Carey and Steve Araujo of the Bass Hang discuss P basses and how well they record. And Carey shows off a pretty special 63 Fender P bass that found it’s way into his collection.

Sanding a Compound Radius – 1-13-14

Carey demonstrates how he sands a compound radius into a fingerboard on a custom made bass.

Nordstrand Pickups Dual Blade 5 Neo Demo – 2-26-13

Ian Enderson tests our newest bass pickups, the Dual Blade 5 Neos. The whole clip is recorded with the bass in passive mode through a Streamliner 900 DI into ProTools.
These are dual coil blade style pickups with neodymium magnets (no need to worry about pole spacing!) with the outside coils optimized for splitting. In split mode they deliver a great J type tone.

Shush Puppies Clean – 8-15-12

Nordstrand Pickups new Shush Puppy pickups played by Johnny Gomez. Signal path = Fender John Mayer Strat with Shush Puppies installed set to neck pickup – Genz Benz Black Pearl 212 – Senn. 421 left channel, SM57 right channel – neve clone preamp left channel, api clone preamp right channel – ProTools 10 – Studer A800, and UAD LA2A compresser on each channel – UAD Ampex 2 track plugin on master buss!

Nordstrand Shush Puppies 8-14-12

More of Johnny Gomez, this time demonstrating a hum canceling strat pickup.

Vacuum Wax Potting a Pickup – 4-26-12

Trial run for our new vacuum wax pot.

Sanding a vJ5 Body 4-19-12

Here’s how Carey sands a vJ5 body. It’s a little less than an hour of actual time condensed down to around 7 minutes. (He wishes he could do it that fast in real life!)

Rounding a Roundover on a vJ5 Nordy Body – 4-19-12

Carey shows he rounds the edges of a vJ5 body.

Al Turner – Burnin – 7-21-11

Al “The Burner” Turner trying out his new Nordy vJ5 before a rehearsal with Cheryl Lynn

Nordstrand Guitars Noiseless vS Pickups – 4-1-11

Demo of some new hum cancelling Strat style pickups in the works. (The camera was moved close to the amp at the end to show how quiet they are.)

Mo Plays the OLP – 3-14-11

Mo Mina plays the OLP 5 string MM style bass with Nordstrand’s new 2 band preamp.

Josh Slaps the OLP – 3-14-11

Young Josh slaps an OLP 5 string MM style bass that has our 5.2 and a new 2 band preamp made as close as possible to the original 2 band SR preamp.
(By the way, Josh has an injured index finger on his right hand so he can’t play fingerstyle til it heals.)

Stew Plays a Fretless Nordy vJ5 2-17-11

Old Pickup Repair – 2-17-11

Here’s an old pickup that Carey repaired for a local player. (Wacky thing!)

Fret Slotting – 2-15-11

Josh shows how the slots are cut on Nordy necks.

Cutting a Radius in the Fingerboard – 2-11-11

A video of the CNC cutting a compound radius in the fingerboard of a neck blank. We use a 1/2″ straight cutter for this and the steps are really tight so there’s not a lot of sanding to get the neck ready for frets.

Josh Bending Binding – 2-11-11

Young Josh bends binding for a neck with a heat gun before he glues it on.

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