nordstrand pickups at NAMM 2017.

CareyWhile this year we will not have a booth at NAMM 2017 you can find our products in demo instruments throughout the show. You might also spot Carey and the rest of the Nordstrand gang wandering the halls.

Equilibrium Guitars– Booth 2487
Custom NDC, Shush Puppies
ESP Guitars– Booth 208AB
Big Splits

Ibanez– Booth 4634
Big Singles, NPJ4, CND
Genzler– Booth 4158
Hammersmith Music– Booth 2482
Iconic– Booth 2586
Mayones Guitars and Basses– Booth 2983  
MTD, Michael Tobias Design– Booth 4750
NBE, New Bohemian Electric–Booth 5865  
Sadowsky Guitars– Booth 5948,
Custom Pickups
Spector– Booth 6440 
Warwick– Booth 2530

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