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Getting an early start in music, Kurt was classically trained on violin at the age of 8, and played in the middle school orchestra while still in elementary school. He picked up electric bass and started playing seriously at 14, and was playing shows with a band by 15. His early adult years saw him playing many shows in some great local bands, and also had the chance to do some regional touring. 

He moved out to LA just as he turned 26 to attend Musicians Institute on two scholarships, and have since graduated from their bachelors program for bass performance with honors. Even before graduating, he worked there as a teacher’s assistant as a bassist in performance based classes. He was offered his first real touring gig about a year before he graduated, and have been touring the U.S and internationally as my job for the last four years. 

IMG_2227Kurt is currently touring with the band (hede)p.e. hed consists of  Jahred “M.C.U.D.” Gomes, Jeremiah “Trauma” Stratton, Greg “Gregzilla” Harrison, and of course Kurt “Kid Bass” Blankenship. (it stands for higher education planet earth/or planetary evolution). We are a SoCal based punk/reggae/hip hop/metal band who has had a die hard fan base for the last twenty years.

Since 1994 (hed)p.e. has been turning heads with their brand of original and unique music. The band has been called everything from rock, metal, punk, reggae, rapcore, and more. With such a vast career and 10 studio albums, the band has earned their place as one of the most original and well respected acts on the planet (earth that is!).

“We here at (hed)p.e. come to bring inspirational music for the worldwide family. I want my people to know its okay to fall, JUST GET THE F**K UP! Our mission: to go forward with our music and shine a light in the darkness. Blending metal, reggae, hip hop and punk, we’ve cultivated a worldwide underground following.  Inspiring revolution and reflection every step of the way” says vocalist and founding member Jahred.

(hed)p.e. Return in 2016 with their newest album “Forever”. The follow up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2014 release “Evolution” and second album with Pavement Entertainment.

Jahred speaks on his enthusiasm with the new album: “With our new record FOREVER!  We blend Godzilla heavy guitar riffs with beats that will hypnotize. The vocals strike the proper balance between rock, punk, hip hop and reggae. Its is a soundtrack for life!”

IMG_2233Released on July 22nd, 2016 “Forever” takes the listener on yet another journey of original and fresh music that only a band like (hed)p.e. can deliver. It’s evolved, unique, and true to the original vision and direction of the band. It is (hed)p.e. It is FOREVER!

Other noteworthy artists Kurt has toured with are Wax (Def Jam/Warner. His song Rosana was #1 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The video for Rosana has 37 million YouTube views). He has also toured with George Watsky (Steel Wool), and amazing poet/rapper, who is also of YouTube fame (846,000 subscribers), and consistently packs out every show that he does, all over the world. 

Find out more about kurt on Facebook Instagram and his band’s website, Instagram  and Facebook

“I discovered Nordstrand through one of my bass teachers at MI, Mike Mennell who uses aSadowsky basses. He definitely influenced my decision to buy a Sadowsky, which came with Nordys in it. I use the NP/J 5 string configuration but have recently upgraded my bridge pickup to a Big Split (and I totally love it!!!) I’ve been using and preaching Nordstrand pickups for four years now, and totally dig it!! “

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