kim lesaca.

kim lesaca

Kim Lesaca, full-time musician and music educator discovered Nordstrand through Adrian Smith at the NAMM Show 2015.  He had another brand of pickups in his custom Spector Basses and other basses for twenty-plus years, but he was looking for a better sound for them. He stopped by the Nordstrand booth, and had a chat with Adrian about the pickups. “As soon as he mentioned “fender on steroids”, I was hooked.  I tested the basses on display, and I loved the tone that came out of it. I replaced the old pickups on my Spectors and never looked back since. As soon as my schedule winds down, I’m changing the pickups on my other basses with Nordstrands.”

Kim loves our Big Splits. He works as a session musician and The Kim Lesaca Group. He has also worked with Western Canada Music Award winner Krystle Dos Santos, Brett Miles, Joe Piccolo and Swing the Cat as well as some high profile Filipino artists.

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