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Bassist/Baritone saxophonist Billy Carrión Jr has been on his musical journey since the age of 16 years old. On various instruments, he’s been able  to work with some of the most influential musicians and producers including Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, Tim Gilles,  Tom Vella and The Wayside, Last Perfect Thing, Henry Cole, Giovanni Hidalgo, Suit Of Lights, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ray Santos, and many more. Coming from such a heavy background of baritone saxophone, woodwinds, and percussion, Billy wanted his basses to have the same comfort and ease of personal tone, and grew frustrated with what was on the market, so he and a close friend build his “franken-bass;” a passive jazz bass setup from various parts, with  a set of NJ4se pickups as its brain. It was alive with not only its own unique tone, but along with a simple passive switch setup, Billy is able to dial in almost anything he has needed, even bringing his groove to the NY/NJ music scene, from places like the Bitter End, to Maxwells, to recording with the very talented Suit Of Lights for their latest album, “Break Open the Head”. “When I need some bite, I can dig in and poof, it’s there. When I want some woody reggae-like beef it’s there. I’ve even been able to dial up p-bass tones using just the front pickup and cranking the tone up! The best part is though, no matter what tone is dialed up, it’s still from this beautiful core, generated by those sweet pups.” 

Billy also leads his own group on that same bass, and baritone saxophone , that perform an array of music influenced by jazz, video games, Brazilian and Latin rhythms… Billy is in the process of recording a studio album of original music of his own with that group,  called “The Outsider.” Here’s a singe from that upcoming album, a sample of his jazz bass with the pickups (picture), which he named “My Decepticon Is A Bass,”

billy C coverBilly is in the process of finishing a second bass; “the Yang to his Yin.” Allowing him to dial up the rest of he tones he looks for to perform. He decided on A fretless hollow body tele bass, with the 51p4s pickup with alnico III magnets, in the sweet spot. “As a multi instrumentalist, an upright bass is difficult to maintain, especially when things like travel come to mind with more than one axe. But I really wanted to perform and experience the art of the piano trio, tried many different things, and once again found myself gathering parts like Link in a good Zelda game.” blessed to have been performing for the last 2 years with a piano trio in various places around the Tri-State area,  pianist Steve Myerson, and drummer Jonathon Peretz, helped billy find that perfect idea, with Nordstrands pickup, as the center.They are recording their first album under the name MCP Trio, for the Stardom Records label. The album will be titled “Gamin’ With the MCP Trio.” 

“Currently I’m using 2 nj4se pickups (Alnico V) in my passive Frankenfender I call “My Decepticon is a bass” In my second bass,  I’m using a 51P4S (Alnico III), and the bass is a custom passive fretless hollow-body tele bass.”

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