t.j. armstrong.


T.J. Armstrong is a Canadian native who started his musical life as a sideman, and session player through his teens and early twenties in Canada. At the age of 25 he moved to Los Angeles to further his career, which lead to a 5 year stint with Universal recording artists After Midnight Project.

After leaving LA in 2010, and taking a couple years of personal/family time, he decided it was time to knock the rust off and start touring again. In November of 2013 T.J. Armstrong made the move to Nashville Tennessee, and immediately found opportunities.

In May of 2014, after a few months of local gigs and networking, he was hired by legendary guitarist Johnny Hiland to be a member in his new band. Since then, they’ve done numerous local shows, NAMM show appearances, national guitar shows, and a series of videos on T.J.’s YouTube channel (ThatGuitardedGuy).

“I thought I knew good tone……then I met Carey Nordstrand. Thanks for setting me straight brother.”

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