How do I pick a Music Man style pickup for my bass?

4.2, 5.2 – This is as close as we could come to an early Music Man pickup with the shorter magnets. I analyzed a real one and made our pickup match it as much as possible. If you want an original Music Man tone, this is as close as we can get. It is a traditional hum-bucking pickup and can be run in series, or parallel, which is the way they were run in OEM installations. A single coil setting will be true single coil and have 60 cycle hum like any other single coil.

4.4, 5.4 – This is the pickup you want if you’d like to have a silent single coil setting on your bass. This will also work best in Lakland installations where you want to maintain the original switching for the MM pickup. This pickup has four coils arranged in two linear hum cancelling rows, one set for each row of magnets. You can run it series, parallel, or split it to the front and/or rear coils and maintain silent operation in all modes. It’s the most versatile pickup we make in this style. It does sacrifice a little high end because of the extra coil wire required for the hum-cancelling design.

So, to sum up…
If you want the old school no compromise Music Man tone and don’t place a priority on single coil mode- get the 4.2 or 5.2.
If you need to have a silent single coil setting and don’t mind or want the slight compromise in high end response (darker sound) – get the 4.4 or 5.4.

please note this page is currently a work in progress…

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